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Bio + AI is heating up with two big fundraisers this week. Congrats to LabGenius, Nabla Bio and Circe!

The Lords Science & Technology Committee took evidence Tuesday, 21 May, for their inquiry into engineering biology, and our own Fiona Mischel, Director of International Outreach at SynBioBeta, testified as an expert witness! You can watch the session here.

This week’s digest is brought to you by Biolog, helping you biologize the future by understanding microbes. Biolog’s customers have over 5000 publications on microbial phenotypic characterization and polyphasic identification used for synthetic biology, bioprocessing, sustainable agriculture, and more. Tell us what microbial questions you have, and we’ll share how our customers addressed similar problems—from strain selection to genome-scale metabolic modeling and more.

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James Field (LabGenius, left) and Oliver Hardick (M Ventures, right).

Watch the SynBioBeta 2024 recap. Interested in being part of the 2025 conference as a sponsor or exhibitor? Contact Anissa Cooke to learn about available opportunities and check out our 2025 prospectus.

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