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This week’s digest is brought to you by Ganymede, the cloud infrastructure provider purpose-built for the life sciences and manufacturing industries. The company's Lab-as-Code technology integrates physical lab instruments, applications such as electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), data pipelines, and third-party partners like contract research organizations (CROs) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) together in a single cloud data layer. Ganymede accelerates time to innovation by allowing scientists to automate the world around them using cloud-controlled data flows. 

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We’re really excited to announce SynBioBeta's new podcast series called The Inside Track. The topics that guide so much of our conference content make for such wonderful discussions that we thought...why not capture that and let others listen in!

In this first episode of the series, our Director of Content, Jeff Buguliskis, sat down with Dan Grushkin, Ginger Dosier, and Kit McDonnell to talk a little bit about Biodesign. These three "characters" really made his job a lot of fun. But don't let the jovial nature of this podcast fool you. These are some wicked smart folks who can break down a subject like Biodesign and get to the root of why it's important to pay attention to this topic.

Dan, Ginger, and Kit are also Track Chairs for the upcoming SynBioBeta 2024 Conference, so if you want to meet them in person and discuss biodesign more, you'll have to come to San Jose from May 6–9. 

SynBioBeta History

It’s been six years since I invited Hugh Goold, from the ARC Center of Excellence in Synthetic Biology at Macquarie University in Sydney, to California to present at SynBioBeta.  Now, his projects are starting to come together, and he and his colleagues just published a Cell Genomics paper describing the first of two 1Mb engineered chromosomes, as well as a historical perspective on advances in engineering algae. Amazing work and a fascinating paper. Make sure you check it out!

Meet the Latest SynBioBeta Speakers!

New Sponsors & Exhibitors:

  • Gene Universal is a pioneer in the field of gene synthesis and synthetic biology.

  • Bold View Capital provides asset financing and leasing programs to businesses ranging from fast-moving start-ups to established companies.

  • Ganymede is the modern cloud data platform for the life sciences and manufacturing.

  • Procelys by Lesaffre supports biotechnology industries by providing fermentation nutrients to improve the bacterial growth of microorganisms.

  • Cradle is a biotech startup that uses generative AI to help scientists design and engineer proteins

  • Liberation Labs was formed to address the growing fermentation capacity gap in cellular agriculture by providing the industry with the infrastructure to commercialize novel proteins

  • Rodon Biologics is a biotech CRO/CDMO with 20 years of activity engineering, producing, analyzing, characterizing, and delivering recombinant protein processes.

  • SPOC Proteomics is a deep-tech life sciences startup that has developed a transformative new proteomic biosensor platform termed sensor-integrated proteome-on-chip (SPOC).

A few of the Startup companies who will be joining us at the conference this year:

Sterling Bio Machines, BioInnovation Institute, The Cell Co, HERlab, Lonza, Pando Bioscience, Barnstorm, VITA OneShared.World, GenApex Bio, Opera Bioscience, Nitro Biosciences, Better Empire, SPRIND GmbH, Hawktail, OpenProtein AI, NFX, Putnam Investments, Caldero Limited, Satori Capital, BKR Collection, Playground Global, Nomura Greentech, Planetary Technologies and Messaginglab.

If you want a space on the exhibit hall floor, please contact Anissa Cooke.

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