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Don’t miss out on early bird pricing for conference pass tickets. Pricing goes up this Friday, March 1st. The nominations for the 2024 SynBioBeta awards are now open! Submit your nominations for individuals, companies, or organizations that deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to synthetic biology. The deadline is  March 15. This year’s categories include Lifetime Achievement Award, Pioneer Award, Impact Award, Rising Star Award, and Industry Leader Award.

Martine and Craig were winners of the 2023 SynBioBeta awards, and both are returning to speak again at SynBioBeta this year!

This week’s digest is brought to you by Absci, a data-first generative AI drug creation company that combines AI and synthetic biology to create better biologics for patients faster. Absci was founded on the idea that E. coli could produce antibodies for pharma quicker and cheaper than traditional approaches.

Sean McClain, CEO of Absci.

With advances in AI, E. coli became the hero of Absci’s story for a different reason: producing the training data needed to realize generative AI’s potential in biologic drug discovery. Absci just announced the start of IND-enabling studies for ABS-101, a potential best-in-class anti-TL1A antibody to help treat IBD, a disease affecting as many as 3 million patients in the US. It’s a big step forward for synthetic biology, AI, and drug discovery.

Paul Stamets and Martine Rothblatt were fans of SynBioBeta last year - They loved the event so much that they are returning this year for a fireside chat together on Wednesday, May 8th, at 4:15 pm. This discussion will be a melding of mycology, biotechnology, and the philosophy of interconnectedness! I hope you can join us.

More Speakers Announced:

New Sponsors & Exhibitors Coming to SynBioBeta 2024:

  • Hamilton Company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and customizing precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems.

  • GenScript is a leading biotech company focusing on early drug discovery and development services.

  • ZBiotics is the maker of the world's 1st engineered probiotic. Built to help you feel better the day after drinking alcohol by breaking down acetaldehyde.

  • seqWell delivers true multiplexing NGS library prep solutions for single cells to whole genomes without costly normalization or equipment.

  • On-Chip Biotechnologies’ mission is to assist researchers in accelerating the world’s discoveries in life science, drug development, and diagnostics with On-chip Sort.

  • Quantum Sky is a platform company that builds and integrates cutting-edge technologies to advance medicine, manufacturing, and AI.

  • Biomatter is a synthetic biology company that creates new proteins for health and sustainable manufacturing applications.

  • Mekonos is advancing a proprietary cell-engineering platform offering unprecedented precision in delivering multiplexed cargo into even the most fragile cells.

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