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SynBioBeta is just 5 months away and our 2023 early bird ends next week!  We are also launching the expo floor plan in January, so if you want to choose the best spot then sign up before December 20th.  Please contact Anissa Cooke for more information.

I recently traveled to Washington State to meet with Sean McClain, founder and CEO of Absci and record the SynBioBeta podcast. We explored the critical role of generative AI in advancing drug discovery, Sean's recent experiences in Washington, D.C., Absci's innovative approaches in biotechnology, and their latest collaboration with pharma giant AstraZeneca. Please Take a listen! 

In other news, the first CRISPR medicine has been approved in the US. The one-time gene editing fix is meant to halt debilitating pain crises for sickle cell patients, who formerly could only be cured with a risky stem cell transplant.

If you've been following my interest in decentralized science, you’ll remember that I’m a fan and advisor to ValleyDAO, a community that recently launched the GROW token. It allows ValleyDAO members to source, vet, and fund synthetic biology technologies directly tackling climate and food challenges. There’s been a ton of crypto folks getting into bio and decentralized science lately and the token has been on a wild ride. You'll be able to learn more about the movement and meet the key players at the DeSci track at SynBioBeta 2024.


  • A SynBio Carol of Merriment and Science. Synthetic biology is set to shake up your Christmas dinner table and stocking fillers—so we’ve given the Twelve Days of Christmas a 21st-century twist!

  • What’s the Connection Between SynBio and Neurotech, Really? Fiona Mischel sat down with Amy Kruse, General Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Satori Neuro, to better understand the synbio-neurotech connection and explore what these two fields could create. Amy is our SynBioBeta2024 Trach Chair for Neurotech and will guide the session discussions for that track. 

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