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Congratulations to Paul Stamets for being selected as one of 10 Environmental heroes who are saving the planet. He is reshaping environmental sustainability through the extraordinary potential of fungi. Stamets' ground-breaking work explores the myriad ways in which mushrooms can be harnessed to address pressing ecological issues, from pollution control to pest management. He will be speaking more about it at SynBioBeta 2024.

Paul Stamets speaking at SynBioBeta.

In other news, the UK’s Science, Research, and Innovation Minister Andrew Griffith announced their national vision for engineering biology, setting out the government's £2 billion plan to seize the potential of engineering biology.

Absci announced a collaboration with AstraZeneca to deliver an AI-designed antibody against an oncology target. The partnership combines Absci’s AI antibody drug creation platform with AstraZeneca’s oncology research and development expertise.

I met with Sean recently and discussed some of this with him and more in my latest podcast. Make sure to take a listen!

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