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Filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy is launching SHOT IN THE ARM, a documentary about the complex and intertwined worlds of public health, vaccines, vaccine safety, and the search for truth. They open in NYC on 11/3 and LA on 11/17. Tickets are available at the Angelika Film Center and the Laemmle!

Here’s a photo of me with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Scott Hamilton Kennedy at the Food Evolution screening.

A new report by NTI recommends urgent steps to safeguard rapidly advancing AI-bioscience technologies. The new paper released by UK PM Rishi Sunak in advance of the UK AI Safety Summit includes several references to the report on The Convergence of AI and the Life Sciences. Sean McClain, CEO of Absci, joined the Senate AI Insight Forum last week, and the White House has released a new executive order on AI.

Photo by Sean McClain, CEO of Absci.

Additionally, in a recent Nature article by Caroline Seydel (DNA writing technologies moving toward synthetic genomes), she goes in-depth to describe the technologies that have evolved to allow more accessibility to DNA synthesis, as well as how regulatory bodies are preparing to implement measures to prevent potential misuse or unethical applications of synthetic DNA.

This week, I spoke with Ursheet Parikh, a general partner at Mayfield Fund, about the state of the synthetic biology market and what startups can do to survive and thrive in this turbulent economy.

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