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Synthetic biology has the potential to completely change how we diagnose, treat, and even cure human diseases. For example, this fast-growing field has played a significant role in the COVID-19 pandemic and has already cured the first patients with life-threatening diseases like sickle cell anemia. Yet, this is just the beginning. Synbio offers us unique opportunities to design entirely new therapeutic modalities that are more precise, effective, and have fewer side effects than existing treatments. Imagine programming cells to cure disease or using microbes to overcome the looming threats of antibiotic resistance. Could we stop the next pandemic in its tracks or finally create effective therapies for mental health? With biology at our side, the potential is limitless.

This newsletter is brought to you by Antheia, which leverages synthetic biology to produce Key Starting Materials (KSMs) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for essential medicines in a more efficient, agile, and sustainable approach. Antheia is transforming pharmaceutical supply chains, and its platform enables resilient and scalable manufacturing, domestic and rapid-response production, and more equitable access to critical and essential medicines.

We have compiled a list of everything you need to know about synbio for human health and the significant developments in the last months. Continue the discussion at SynBioBeta 2023: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference May 23 - 25, and the track dedicated to this topic.

Nabiha Saklayen, CEO and co-founder of Cellino.

There’s a new species of magic mushroom - named after Paul Stamets.

Behzad Mahdavi, Senior Vice President Biopharma Manufacturing & Life Sciences Tools at Ginkgo Bioworks.

SynBio for Human Health at SynBioBeta:

Here are some of the upcoming sessions:

Leveraging Synthetic Biology to End Drug Shortages

Past, Present and Future of Health Applications of Synbio and Genomics

How Do We Realize the Promise of Synthetic Biology in Biologic Drug Development?

The Medicine of Mushrooms for People and Planet

Building Resilient Pharmaceutical Supply Chains for Accessible Medicines

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We hope you enjoyed this SynBio for Human Health wrap-up newsletter, and I hope that you’ll choose to join us in May at SynBioBeta 2023: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference.

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Fiona Mischel 

Director, Human Health Content and Innovation


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