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AI, machine learning, digitalization, automation, and computational biology – all are needed for synthetic biology to succeed at speed and scale. Synthetic biology experiments are so data-rich that it’s no longer effective to sift the data and find trends by hand. Nor is it efficient to hand-run experiments when robots can be quicker, more accurate, and work at all hours, with no caffeine needed. ‍

Digital biology has made such leaps that we can now predict the structure of every known protein, visualize biology in VR, share experiment protocols between robots across the world and run entire labs through the cloud. But digital bio still has a long way to go, from standardization, implementation, cost, and accuracy. What new opportunities are emerging for innovation and discovery?

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We put together a list of everything you need to know about AI & Digital Biology, and the major developments in the last year. Join the discussion at SynBioBeta 2023: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference May 23 - 25, and the track dedicated to this topic.

Absci founder and CEO, Sean McClain, (center) at the company’s bell-ringing to celebrate the company going public.

Inscripta’s team in Pleasanton, CA

Cradle Team at their site in the Netherlands.

Sridhar Iyengar, the founder and CEO of Elemental Machines.

Culture Lab Team.

The four Asimov co-founders, from left to right: Doug Densmore, Alec Nielsen, Raja Srinivas and Chris Voigt.

AI & Digital Biology at SynBioBeta:

Here are some of the sessions that we are planning:

  • Protein folding, Proteomics, and AI 

  • Tech Bio 

  • VR / Biology in the Metaverse 

  • Machine Learning 

  • Hardware and Automation 

  • Software, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology 

  • Data standardization, analysis & algorithmic experiment design

  • Quantum Meets Bio

  • Human + Machine: Improving Human/ Automation Integration‍

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We hope you enjoyed this AI & Digital Biology wrap up newsletter and I hope that you’ll choose to join us in May at SynBioBeta 2023: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference.

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