This week we are highlighting some cutting-edge synbio technologies that will make you rethink protein production

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This week we are highlighting some cutting-edge synbio technologies that will make you rethink protein production, therapeutics delivery, and treatment of crops. As synthetic biology expands into "non-model" organisms, there are a ton of exciting applications coming out each week. Stay on top of innovation by subscribing to the SynBioBeta digest and join us live on May 23-25 at the Global Synthetic Biology Conference!

Future Fields co-founders Jalene Anderson-Baron and Matt Anderson-Baron.

  • Aera Therapeutics launches with $193 million in financing to enable and advance the next generation of transformative genetic medicines across a wide range of modalities and therapeutic areas. Aera’s delivery platform is based on research conducted in the lab of the world-renowned scientist Feng Zhang, a core member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Feng Zhang. Source: STAT

  • Paul Berg, Nobel-Winning pioneer of genetic engineering, is dead at 96. Paul Berg’s 1971 breakthrough in genetics led to vaccines and disease treatments, ushering in the era of genetic engineering. It also won him the Nobel Prize.

  • Ginkgo Bioworks announced a partnership with Zymtronix, a developer of cell-free process technologies, for the production of ingredients in food, agriculture, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Ginkgo also announced that they’re partnering with the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) on a one-year pathogen monitoring program at Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport (KGL) to identify new and emerging viral variants.

  • For the first time, bioengineered trees have been planted in a U.S. forest: Living Carbon, the company hopes its seedlings can help manage climate change.

  • This week I joined my good friends Karl Schmieder and Erum Azeez Khan for an episode of the "Grow Everything" podcast. We talk about engineering bacteria for cleaning teeth, the possibilities of distributed science and synthetic biology, and much more. Listen here. 

  • What's Your Synthetic Biology Strategy? Our friends at BCG have a new article about why every company should have a biostrategy.

Fiona Mischel, Director of International Outreach at SynBioBeta, spoke to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee about the global impact of synbio and the tremendous opportunity it presents for the UK. Read more.

New SynBioBeta 2023 speakers announced:

  • Anil Narasimha co-founded Mekonos in hopes of making delivery of molecules more efficient, precise, and automated.

  • Orr Yarkoni is the CEO of Colorifix which is developing a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact.

  • Matt Hill is CEO and founder of Elegen, a company committed to bringing agile development to biology and delivering high-fidelity DNA with industry-leading length, speed, and accuracy.

  • Christina Smolke founded Antheia to transform pharmaceutical supply chains by leveraging synthetic biology for a more efficient and sustainable rapid-response model for drug manufacturing.

New SynBioBeta 2023 Sponsors & Exhibitors:

  • Cultured Supply is an online platform that offers B2B group purchasing for the bioeconomy.

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