If you were at SynBioBeta this year, you would have heard Charles Dimmler, Co-founder and CEO of Checkerspot, sharing "7 lessons for making it real".

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If you were at SynBioBeta this year, you would have heard Charles Dimmler, Co-founder and CEO of Checkerspot, sharing "7 lessons for making it real". If you couldn't make it to the event, check out this video, and if you haven't heard of Checkerspot before, they are creating a new breed of performance materials that expands the possibilities beyond commodity oils and is driving the materials industry towards a post petroleum future, all with the power of fermentation!

Charles Dimmler, co-founder and CEO of Checkerspot, at SynBioBeta 2022.

In funding news, Peptone, a London-based startup that is using artificial intelligence to pursue a tricky class of potential targets for new medicines, has raised an additional $40 million in venture capital investment to fund its expansion.

The UK ecosystem has been going from strength to strength. A big congratulations to Orr Yarkoni for raising a £18 million series B. Colorifix is using a biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles. We've talked before about how dirty the fashion industry is, and how the bioeconomy can make it less dirty. Colorifix is the real deal!

Orr Yarkoni, CEO of Colorifix, at SynBioBeta 2017.

Spotlight on: Lumen Bio

The human immune system is very good at recognizing foreign proteins. While this is critical for protecting against infections, it is sometimes too good: protein therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies are typically much safer than small molecule drugs, but the body often rejects them as foreign. Meet Lumen Bioscience, an antibody engineering company delivering therapeutics to places where our bodies won’t reject them: the GI tract, nasal passages, and skin. Our immune system is accustomed to all the foreign proteins we eat, smell, and touch, so this improves safety. These antibody drugs can be delivered in higher concentrations which improves efficacy against certain diseases. Learn more about Lumen’s promising clinical trial results and how they can produce antibodies at one-hundredth of the cost!

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Senti Bio debuts as publicly traded company focused on developing cell and gene therapies engineered with gene circuits

Congrats to Tim Lu’s Senti Bio, which will officially start trading Thursday on Nasdaq. Senti Bio received gross proceeds of approximately $140.3 million.

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The startup brewing plastic-eating enzymes to gobble waste

Epoch Biodesign has raised $11m to grow its plastic-eating enzymes tech and solve the world's plastic problem. The team has already produced enzymes that can break down plastic, but the task now is about producing one that can do it in the quickest and most economical way possible.

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Download the application note to learn how Inscripta’s Onyx® Digital Genome Engineering Platform can be used for rapid strain engineering to improve heterologous protein production.

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These scientists want to capture more carbon with CRISPR crops

A new research program aims to create faster-growing, carbon-hungry plants using the gene-editing tool.

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