After water, concrete is the most used material on Earth…but it has a terrible carbon footprint

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After water, concrete is the most used material on Earth…but it has a terrible carbon footprint, read John Cumbers’ Forbes piece on Biomason founder Ginger Krieg Dosier, who is making sustainable concrete from microbes.

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It was so great to see everybody together at SynBioBeta last month! Here's a photo of Kristy Hawkins and Stephen Hubbard, founders of the Biotech Barbell Club:

In funding news, congratulations to Ingvar Helgason and the Vitrolabs team for raising $46 million to make cell-cultivated leather.

A huge congratulations to Jim Flatt and the team at Brightseed who recently raised a $68 million Series B. They are using artificial intelligence to find molecules in plants that could have the biggest health and nutrition benefits in humans.

In other news, Emerald Cloud Lab is doing some really interesting stuff with the Bioautomation Challenge. It's supported by Schmidt Futures.

Congratulations to Jason Kelly, Cofounder and CEO of Ginkgo Bioworks, for being ranked #5 in the Tech Power Players 50 list.

It was great to see so many old friends getting back together again last month (in the photo below, you can see Larry Stambaugh, Stephen Bates, and Mike Kamdar from Molecular Assemblies and Larry Upton of SynBioBeta). If you’re interested in long, pure synthetic DNA, sign up for Molecular Assemblies' Key Customer Program here.

Congrats to Derek Norman, Vice President of Venture Investments at Leaps by Bayer, for winning the Global Corporate Venturing 2022 Powerlist award. Derek has been a long-time attendee at SynBioBeta and it's an honor to see him recognized here.

Jasmina Aganovic, CEO of Arcaea, and Suveen Sahib, CEO of K18Hair, recently spoke at the WWD Beauty CEO Summit on the power of biotechnology and beauty.

Genoa Ventures, an early-stage venture fund started by Jenny Rooke, is welcoming a new partner, Vikram Chaudhery, and a VP of Finance, Amy Harris.

In this article, Reema AlYousef, Director of Community at Nucleate Dojo, reflects on Race Against the Clock (RATC) at the Built With Biology conference in Oakland, CA

Sweet proteins… finally ready for prime time?

Conagen is in the news again and Food Navigator is talking about their super sweet proteins. If you didn't taste them at SynBioBeta, you missed out!

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