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Join Synonym, in collaboration with EV Biotech, Vectron Biosolutions, SynBioBeta, and Enduro Genetics, for an insightful discussion on the critical role of strain engineering in the commercialization of bioproducts. Synonym and BCG’s recent report reveals that economies of scale alone are insufficient for commercializing industrial bioproducts. An expert panel will explore the significance of strain optimization and its impact on increasing productivity, enhancing product quality, and achieving cost efficiency in biomanufacturing processes. 

📅 Date: July 17, 2024

🕒 Time: 4 pm to 5 pm CET

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John Cumbers has always been passionate about the emerging bioeconomy and its potential. His new venture, Biological Enlightenment Studios, aims to ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity about molecular biology in the minds of young explorers everywhere. Their debut project, Lee's Lab, is an animated series that follows 12-year-old Lee on her thrilling adventures through the jungles of Borneo. Along the way, she'll uncover the mysteries of molecular biology and the beauty of biodiversity. It's their goal to inspire a new generation to embrace the marvels of biology and understand the importance of bioliteracy for the future of our bioeconomy. Tune in to The Bio Report's latest podcast episode to hear more about his journey with Biological Enlightenment Studios and why he is passionate about sparking imagination and knowledge in the young minds of today.

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Join our rapidly growing synthetic biology community at SynBioBeta 2025. We aim to bring even more diverse voices to the forefront of the conversation around synthetic biology, and we are looking for speakers to share their expertise, spark thoughtful discussions, and lead education sessions for various aspects of SynBio.

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Applications of AI are exploding in tech. Underpinning these applications are open platforms and services providing reinforcement learning. If biotech wants to move as fast as tech, we must take a page out of Silicon Valley's book: open platforms that companies can innovate on directly and easy access to experimental data to reinforce foundational models. Ginkgo Bioworks aims to do just that through their strategic partnership with Google Cloud, their growing trove of metagenomic and experimental data, plus their newest offering democratizing access to their Foundry, Lab Data as a Service. Click here to watch the video.


  • Remember the ‘Big Data’ Problem? Yeah, Me Neither. The big data problem of the mid-00s has shifted to a small data issue, where synthetic biologists, with high-throughput testing platforms and multimodal datasets, are uniquely equipped to provide the necessary data for training machine learning models.

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