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Were you unable to attend SynBioBeta 2024? Were you there and missed a talk because of all the networking you were doing? Don’t worry, we got ya covered! Starting today, we are beginning to release some of the content from the conference! To view it, you only need to sign up for a SynBioBeta account. Don’t worry, it's fast and free! Once you have created your account and logged in, you’ll be able to access all of the great conference content we post, just like the videos below: 

Programming Human Cells: The Next Frontier of SynBio for Human Health

What gives a cell its identity? Can it be changed? The traditional developmental biology perspective assumes that cells are defined by their (epigenetic) history. Now, we can see that cell identity is controlled by transcription factors, which can be programmed with deterministic accuracy—that is, we can program cells to become specific types at specific stages. This new paradigm, combined with our ability to read, write, and execute genetic code, opens unprecedented opportunities for programming human cells and improving human health. Watch the video. (Image: John Cumbers, Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof and Founder Mark Kotter.)

Wolfram & Quake Live in San Jose: The AI + Bio Tour

This riveting fireside chat features two titans of science and technology, Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, and Stephen Quake, a pioneering biophysicist and inventor. Moderated by NPR's distinguished science journalist Moira Gunn, this discussion examines the intersections of AI, computational technology, and biotechnology, exploring how these fields drive innovations that reshape our understanding of the world. This is a dynamic conversation filled with insightful reflections on current research trends, the future of scientific inquiry, and the ethical implications of technological advancements. Watch the video. (Image: Moria Gunn, Stephen Wolfram, and Stephen Quake.)

Conscious Convergence: Melding Mycology, Biotech, and the Philosophy of Interconnectedness

In his captivating presentation at the 2024 SynBioBeta Conference, Paul Stamets revealed the profound connection between natural systems and modern biotechnology, urging the recognition of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology as extensions of natural intelligence and biology. Highlighting his groundbreaking research on the Agarikon mushroom, Stamets showcased its extraordinary antiviral properties and potential to revolutionize vaccine efficacy without adverse effects. Watch the video. (Image: Martine Rothblatt and Paul Stamets at SynBioBeta 2024)

SynBioBeta 2025, the premier global event for bio-innovation, offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your company's vision and connect with the industry's brightest minds. Click here to learn more about SynBioBeta's flagship event, or contact Anissa Cooke directly.

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