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I'll be speaking at Nucleate Taiwan on Tuesday, June 25th! Join us for a thrilling journey into the vast array of career and professional opportunities within the rapidly growing synthetic biology (SynBio) space! Register now.

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First SynBioBeta 2025 Keynote Announced

Engineering Human Longevity  

We are excited to announce that Peter Diamandis will be speaking on AI and Longevity at SynBioBeta 2025. 

Diamandis is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Singularity University, as well as the Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, renowned for its $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for private spaceflight.

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This week, former SynBioBeta editor Kevin Costa and CMO/brand builder Jack Gold teamed up to launch Beakers & Chips, a brand marketing studio on a mission to help science and tech startups build powerful brands and compelling narratives without the overhead of a full marketing team. They will draw on their experiences taking Zymergen to a $580mm IPO and transforming Absci into a pharma market leader to help innovators achieve their true market potential.

Cibele Zolnier, Executive Director at SynBioBR, penned a wonderful piece about her time at SynBioBeta2024 and connecting with other members of the worldwide synthetic biology community. We’re so glad Cibele and her colleagues could all make the trip and contribute to advancing this amazing field! Read her article here .

Cibele Zolnier with many of her colleagues at SynBioBeta 2024.

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